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One of the nice things about a high class club like ours is the caliber of awards our 2 members (Rudy and Greg) create each year of our show.  All of these awards are one-of-a-kind hand made works of art.  Our members look forward to creating these iconic symbols of excellence for you to take home and display on your mantle.

For Excellence
And For the not so Excellent

The very popular "The Big Dump Award" with the ever so subtle subtitle "My car is a piece of shit".. for some of us... displaying this with our car is the only way to get anyone to stop and look.  You may ask yourself "how does one come to receive this exceptional award?"  One has to simply break down at a club event.  

The purpose of this "Award" is to discourage members from embarrassing themselves and the club.  I suppose you could say we do this with the member's best interest at heart.  Can you imagine what might happen if members were given leave to break down wherever they like?  It would just be a matter of time before one of them rode in a parade on the back of a Grubes tow truck... Okay that did happen but it was one of those shiny newish Corvettes so most parade watchers just thought it was on the truck because it needed to be pampered (Corvette Fact: They are the toy poodles of the car industry)

You will notice this award is being displayed in public.  Unlike awards presented for Excellence (see top of page), this award MUST be displayed at all car shows for the year.  That's right.  If your piece of shit breaks down, you can't just pretend it didn't happen and show up to the next club event with a beer and donuts and expect it to be forgotten.  You wear your shame.

The photos below are of club members who allowed their cars to break down duriing a club event.  As you can see we've properly framed them for your viewing pleasure.  The car on the right may or may not be heading to a parade... or participating in a parade... or coming home from a parade...It has been rumored that the truck carrying it was paid for by the owner of the Corvette.

Finally the coveted "Asshole Award"

This award is often reserved for the more "colorful" members of the club.  Usually it's associated with a non-member who hangs out with club members, but has been denied official membership by the vetting committee for the past ten years running.  (Side note: Refusing membership to the club usually requires a serious breach of social etiquette such as passing gas in a Volkswagon Beetle or throwing beer cans at small children for touching the fins on their car).  Enough about Russ, lets just say there are times when the club presents the Asshold Award to deserving members and wanna bes.  

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